Golf Carts by Michael Giuliana on 03/27/13

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Yes, Golf Carts

It's a wild world we live in – folks ranging from saints to monsters, coincidences amok. You probably wouldn't be amazed at how people treat these little mechanical wonders when no one who may be hierachically more important than they are is watching. Broken axles. Leaving the lights on. What, are you nuts! It's going to drain the battery!! Duh!

I was so lucky as to acquire the position of Golf Cart Master at this years Ultra Music Festival. I've done the festival for the past two years, but this one was special. I was kind of on my own, a free agent. The job comes with a few other responsibilities: radios, meal tickets, and apparently lost & found (which I don't really mind at all).

Control Is Good?

Yeah, I like to control things, to a fault. I want to move those chess pieces around. I want whatever we're talking about to be efficient and just work. I plan. Too much. And I know it. How does one break free?

Golf carts are a good place to start. They don't let you plan anything, they're jerks pretty much. So what, #567 was assigned to Lighting? We-he-hell I have news for you buddy. It just so happens tha-FLAT TIRE. So now they need a new one to get their jobs done. What the heck, man? Now I have to alter who was assigned what and where they're supposed to go next and nothing will ever be the same or how I planned it!


Roll. That's what I need to do. Not in the E sense, though this is EDM. I worked with wheels all day and didn't get it until the end. Those things were speaking to me, man, their rubber souls called out across the festival site. Some hissed. Some wailed. Some of my favorites didn't make a sound. Worn treads had stories to tell, and they weren't timid about it. It was me, I wasn't listening.

Preparation & Extrapolation

It's been an excellent experience, and I've learned a lot about a lot. On the way down to Miami I threw together a quick app to help me track all of my festival assets and some data alongside. It's worked wonders for radios, but golf carts, not so much. It's filling a glass with water, removing the glass, and expecting the water to stay in it's upright, cylindrical position. The process of dealing with 105 golf carts is inherently too fluid to contain.

Building an app of some kind and utilizing it in some kind of production environment is something I've wanted to do for a while. Last year at UMF I said I was going to do it the next time around, and I did. Hurrah! It's essentially an inventory app that tracks the history of unique objects, and how they relate to other objects. It's nice to know who had what radio and between what times they checked it out. I can probably even get some charts and graphs out of the history data I've logged.


I guess what I'm getting at here, is even though I was relatively prepared, the process still threw me for a big, fat loop. Preparation helps, but it's more about the action and response to things happening presently that will determine the level of pleasure I get out of living here.

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